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Wooden floors

Wood gives a floor character. No two wooden floors are exactly the same and each individual board has a unique look. The type of wood, structure, finish and the method of laying combined, ensure that every wooden floor is different. It is this distinctiveness that makes wood so alluring. A wooden floor is a way of bringing the outdoors inside – imbuing every room with a warm atmosphere.

Wooden floors are uniquely capable of becoming more beautiful with age. Even after many decades, they manage to retain their warm glow. This certainly applies to floors that get a lot of traffic, that have some dents here and there and that clearly show a space is lived in, developing their own character as time goes by.

Wooden floors work

Every wooden floor ‘works’. This means that high levels of humidity cause wood to expand, while dry air causes wood to contract. Wood is a natural product, and ‘working’ is an entirely natural part of the process. But floors that work too much can crack or tear, which can negatively affect their appeal – something we wish to avoid.

In order to prevent excessive expanding or contracting, here at Martijn de Wit Vloeren we have devised a unique wooden floors system and advanced installation techniques. That means all of our floors at Martijn de Wit Vloeren come with a ten-year quality guarantee even if your floor has underfloor heating!

Plenty of options for wooden floors

Which wooden floor is most suitable for your home or business? Martijn de Wit Vloeren offers a wide range of exclusive wooden floors that includes not only many different types of wood, but also a variety of grain patterns and structures. The right finish and a professional installation method are always discussed. When our experts install wooden parquet floors, they always pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure that your floor is a perfect fit for your home or commercial space.

Fumed oak floor in villa in the province of North Holland

We can make wooden floors in any colour, width or thickness our customers wish. Customized to perfection – tailored to your exact requirements. Would you like to combine your wooden floor with underfloor heating? No problem! Our experts are ready to give you advice tailored to your interior, expectations and desired level of comfort.

At Martijn de Wit Vloeren our stock always holds approximately 30,000 sq. m. of wooden floorboards. Chances are we will be able to offer you a quick delivery, making it easy for you to plan the installation of your new floor. Convenient, right?

Wooden floor maintenance

Parquet floors and other wooden floors require maintenance. Poor maintenance leads to unnecessary wear and tear – and that would be a shame. Maintenance mostly involves hoovering your floor on a regular basis and mopping it with the right type of soap. The cleaning agent most suitable for your floor depends on your finish: varnish, (hardwax)oil or wax. There are many different types of products available to clean a wooden floor, keep it clean and protect it against moisture and dirt. Of course we are happy to advise you on suitable products for your floor.

If necessary you can use maintenance oil – or ask us to do the work for you.

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    Fair trade wood, FSC-certified

    FSC-certified wood is fairly sourced wood. At Martijn de Wit Vloeren we choose to work almost exclusively with FSC-certified wood. The FSC label ensures that a local lumberjack gets a fair rate for his work and guarantees that more trees will be planted than are used for your floor. By choosing FSC certified wood for your floor, you help us contribute to the protection of forests around the world and promote a healthy environment.

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