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Floor covering

The type of floor in a room is an important factor in determining the atmosphere. For example, a cast floor gives the room a cool vibe, while a soft carpet emphasizes a homely atmosphere. Colour and texture also influence the atmosphere. Carefully consider the interior design and atmosphere you would like for your room.

Have you decided on a warm and cosy atmosphere? Or are you going for modern and fresh look? The options are endless – and we can make almost every dream come true. An important part of the decision-making process is shopping around. The various types of floor covering, from carpeting, to vinyl, PVC, laminate and linoleum – each have unique properties that result in a highly individual look and feel.

Choosing the right floor can be a challenge

It’s not always easy to pick the floor that is the most suitable for your requirements. Not just due to the almost endless range of options, but also because it’s an investment for many years to come. We would be more than happy to help you in this decision-making process. Without being pushy! Because we know all about the characteristics of every type of floor, including the pros and cons of maintenance, cleaning and use, we are also a great resource in helping you determine which type of floor best suits your wishes.

Seeing and feeling are important parts of the decision-making process. Choosing a floor from a picture is really difficult and, in our opinion, inadvisable. Take it from us, your floor is just too important! Come to one of our showrooms in Amsterdam or Schagen and browse through our many samples to get a sense of all the available options. We look forward to helping you make a well-considered decision.

Please note: our showroom in Amsterdam mainly holds examples of wooden floors, while our Schagen branch features our entire collection. Make sure to call in advance to check whether the floor you are interested in is available.

Subfloor for your floor covering

For some types of floors, a subfloor is needed. Subfloors help retain heat and dampen sound – which is sometimes a requirement in apartment buildings. Subfloors also help level uneven floors, so your floor can be laid as neatly as possible. Whether you need a subfloor depends on the situation in your home and on your personal wishes and needs.

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