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PVC floor

Sustainable, hygienic, low-maintenance and sound-dampening: PVC floors are quickly becoming more and more popular for good reason! PVC floors are no longer just a favourite for businesses – households now also see their appeal.

PVC floors are made from a hard type of plastic. Apart from the fact that PVC floors have a long life due to their durability, require little maintenance, are hygienic and sound-damping, the range of options available is also huge. We have a great variety of prints such as wood designs in many different shades, sandstone or granite: almost anything is possible. The range of designs has increased in recent years and become much more refined. The number of available options is enormous, with floors in almost every style imaginable.

With PVC floors you can have your cake and eat it, too.

“You can have your cake and eat it, too.” Does this sound like your motto? Then a PVC floor is the perfect choice for you! PVC floors consist of strips that are glued tightly together on a hard, flat subfloor. This makes the floor water-resistant and easy to clean. Convenient, right?

This way your floor has the look of an antique or warm wooden floor, or even an expensive granite floor, and you will never have to worry about damage from stiletto heels, spilled lemon juice or muddy pets. And – last but not least – a PVC floor can easily be combined with underfloor heating. Maximise your level of comfort with PVC.

See below for a list of the main advantages of PVC floors

A list of the main advantages of PVC floors:

  • Durable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Natural look
  • Can easily be combined with underfloor heating

For PVC floors, come to Martijn de Wit Vloeren in Amsterdam or Schagen

Would you like to see and feel a PVC floor? Come to one of our showrooms in Amsterdam or Schagen and browse through our many samples to see all the available options. Get an idea of the various designs available and experience how comfortable a PVC floor feels.

PVC: the most versatile floor

Naturally, your personal wishes and requirements are the main point of focus in your search for a new floor. Perhaps you would like to combine your floor with underfloor heating, and you want it to be resistant to wear and tear, be waterproof, soundproof and have a noise-dampening effect. And a beautiful pattern, of course … So many people, so many wishes. But which type of floor is a true all-rounder?

PVC! PVC floors are some of the most versatile floors available at the moment. PVC is durable, sustainable, sound-dampening, low-maintenance and easy to combine with underfloor heating. There’s also a wide range of options for patterns and designs.

When you think of PVC, you think of:

Floors that are highly durable. PVC doesn’t damage easily. This is why PVC floors are the perfect choice for rooms with a lot of traffic, such as shops or schools. But it’s great at home too, because you won’t need to worry about wear and tear.

PVC floors are a perfect fit for underfloor heating. This is because PVC is the ideal thermal conductor. It’s great with a view to your energy consumption, but also in terms of comfort level: the temperature in a room with a PVC floor is constant and can easily be regulated.

PVC floors have sound-dampening properties and are sometimes called ‘silent’ floors. Your downstairs neighbours will be grateful! With PVC you can have a smooth floor without any of the infamous issues caused by clicking heels. 

PVC floors come in various patterns and designs: from natural wooden grains to more colourful motifs. There is always a colour or shade that best suits your interior.

Easy maintenance: often an underestimated advantage. All PVC floors need is to be hoovered regularly and mopped every now and then – that’s it. PVC is highly water-resistant – so much so that you can even choose to have a PVC floor in your bathroom!

PVC is warm and comfortable: PVC is a softer product than laminate or parquet. Your feet will love it and so will any children who want to play on the floor.

Last but not least: PVC is durable and environmentally friendly. The floors last for ages (you will also enjoy an extended warranty) and no hazardous substances or plasticisers are used in the production process. Some brands even use recycled material – which not only saves money but also reduces unnecessary waste of raw materials.

PVC floors: layer by layer

PVC floors consist of three layers, the backing, the printed film layer (the pattern) and a protective top coat. These three layers are pushed together during the production process to create a durable and smooth floor.

The backing – the bottom layer – determines the quality of the entire PVC floor. This part consists of pure PVC, which gives your floor its stability. At Martijn de Wit Vloeren our selection process focuses strongly on the backing: because in the end, every floor we deliver has to comply with the highest quality standards.

The film layer determines the look of the floor. The design will be printed on specially-made PVC film according to the hotpress method, which ensures that the colours stay bright and lively.

The protective topcoat can have a thickness of up to 0.3 mm (for a home floor) or 0.55 (for a floor with lots of traffic). The entire PVC floor has a thickness of 2-2.5 mm. The top layer can also be textured – this is achieved through a process called embossing. Embossing is a way of copying patterns: if you see knots, you will also feel them. A matt polyurethane layer is added to this topcoat. This protective coating ensures that the floor is not reflective or has excess shine.

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