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Herringbone floors

Herringbone cause an almost instant love affair for anyone who sees it. The wooden boards in herringbone floors are laid in a diagonal pattern. In addition to the pattern, the type of wood, the finish, treatment and the length and width of individual boards also influence the floor’s look and feel. Herringbone adds dynamic appeal to every floor and space.

Traditional herringbone floors

Our employees look forward to telling you everything about the various types of herringbone floors. What do you need to know? What effect does herringbone have on a large or small space? Our employees prefer to show you everything that herringbone has to offer, which will help you get a clear idea of your options.

Martijn de Wit employs several herringbone experts, skilled in the art of laying herringbone floors using traditional methods. The result? Floors that are nothing short of stunning, guaranteed!

Various herringbone floors

Are you looking for a sleek floor, or would you prefer a floor with a classical appearance? You can have both, even with a herringbone pattern. Herringbone floors with abrasion-resistant coating are extremely durable and require little maintenance.

Depending on the type of wood, you can also ask us to steam, fume or oil your floor. What’s more, the type of wood also influences the end result: for example, there are light and dark types of oak that each create unique and distinctive floors. The width and length of individual boards also influence the floor’s look and feel.

Do it yourself or have us lay your herringbone floor

Laying a wooden herringbone floor can be very challenging, even for dyed-in-the-wool experts. Herringbone requires a high level of precision and skill and you really need to know what you’re doing. Several of our craftsmen have trained to become specialists in laying herringbone floors. Would you prefer to lay the floor yourself? Do not hesitate to ask one of our specialists for advice on all the ins and outs.

Herringbone floor with underfloor heating

Herringbone floors are uniquely suited to be combined with underfloor heating This is ideal because more and more houses are built with underfloor heating for wooden floors, due to the fact that it’s an efficient yet economical way of heating homes. Do you have plans to lay a new floor? It’s worth considering underfloor heating.
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