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Vinyl floor

Vinyl is ideally suited as a practical floor solution, easy to maintain, clean and is waterproof to boot. Of course the options are endless: from thick to thin, dark or light, flexible or rigid, and an endless range of patterns. Those choices also influence the price of vinyl floors, which could explain its growing popularity.

Endless variation with vinyl!

Vinyl is available in countless patterns and designs, from wood, stone, to smooth, tile, metal … choose a design that suits your interior perfectly or that creates a surprising effect. Our employees are happy to help you choose the floor that is the perfect fit for your interior and the atmosphere you want to create.

Vinyl is available in various roll widths and is easy to lay in almost every space. The thinner variants are well-priced and, as a result, highly popular. Martijn de Wit Vloeren also offers thicker and more rigid vinyl. Thick and rigid vinyl is the preferred option for business environments and spaces that get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. 

Advantages of a vinyl floor

  • Practical and affordable
  • Countless designs, one even more beautiful and trendy than the other
  • Boosts every interior
  • Low maintenance and wear-resistant
  • Easy to clean with a wet mop
  • Good insulation and warm to the touch
  • Noise-dampening

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