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Parquet floor

Parquet is an umbrella term for a variety of hardwood floors. There are two types of parquet: solid and engineered parquet. Solid parquet uses floorboards that are at least 6 mm thick and that require a varnish or (hardwax)oil finish.

Engineered parquet always consists of multiple layers, even though the manner in which this is done may differ. Engineered parquet may have a varnish or (hardwax) oil finish.

Lifelong beautiful parquet

The main advantage of a parquet floor is its durability. Parquet is for life, as long as you perform regular maintenance. Has your parquet floor lost its lustre over the years? Give it a good sanding down! Sanding down the floor and adding an oil or varnish finish will guarantee a floor that looks as good as new.

Types of wood for your parquet floor

Opt for a parquet floor and you can choose from a number of different types of wood. You should take the time to carefully consider your choice, because each type of wood has its own specific characteristics, properties and look. What kind of atmosphere do you want in your home? Be sure to check out all available floors in advance.

Thinking of picking a parquet floor based on a photo? Think again. Come to our showrooms to check out our many different types of parquet floors and walk on them, feel them, discover how they look with dark curtains, in the light or with floral wallpaper. Feel free to bring something from home and see how it looks on a number of different floors.

Patterned parquet floors

Of course you can lay parquet in straight lanes. But why not consider herringbone or chevron? A pattern adds even more character to your floor. Especially because herringbone and chevron come in various widths and lengths for individual boards. The dynamic atmosphere patterned floors create are truly extraordinary. Our showrooms in Schagen and Amsterdam offer a wide variety of examples of patterned floors.

Treatment and finish of your parquet floor

Treatment and finish are the final touches on every wooden floor. What kind of floor suits you and your home? What do you like – a sleek floor or one with a stylish or classical look? We can give a wooden herringbone floor a coating to make it especially durable. Depending on the material, we can also steam, fume, lye or stain a wooden herringbone floor.

Tapis parquet floors: très chic

A tapis floor is a wooden floor with boards that are 6 mm thick. This floor is glued and nailed onto an subfloor made of chipboard. Our tapis floors have a perfect finish, for example laid smoothly along tiles and door frames. Très chic, as we say in Dutch!

Tapis: patterns

Our tapis floors come in almost all types of wood. The classical form of a tapis floor is often a herringbone motif with a strip or border. But the options for tapis are practically endless: we can lay a tapis floor diagonally, or with an extra large 9×45 cm herringbone, for example. Floorboards or panelled floors with special patterns are also an option. What’s more: you can design your own pattern!

You also have plenty of options in terms of the finish – (hardwax)oil, for example, or a durable water-based varnish. This will also give your floor an incredible look. In other words: unique floors par excellence!

Parquet specialist Nils Veldhuis, from our showroom in Schagen

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    Bourgogne: real castle floors

    When a tapis floor is made from boards with a thickness of 9 mm, we refer to them in terms of floors without tongue and groove. Bourgogne floors are usually made this way. Boards that are 9 mm thick come in various widths and also consist of longer parts, with or without a bevelled edge. Many people refer to Bourgogne floors as castle floors – which might already give you some sense of what they look like.

    Bourgogne floors can receive an (hardwax)oil finish or can be varnished using a water-based varnish. These floors can also be brushed. The same thing applies here as it does to tapis – you have a very wide range of options, giving you all the flexibility you need!

    Underfloor heating

    Many of our floors can easily be combined with underfloor heating. This also applies to tapis parquet and engineered parquet. Our advisors can tell you all about it – be sure to ask about this option!

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