UrbanConcrete, the obvious choice of cast floor for homes, shops and offices.

Cast floors were mainly used in the industrial and healthcare sectors until several years ago, but they are quickly becoming a more and more popular choice for homes too.

Visit our shops for more information on our partnerships in tile and cast floors, and to see the options we offer for wooden and PVC flooring in combination with cast floors.

We can also help you find a combination of tile flooring with a wooden or cast floor.

Advantages and drawbacks of cast floors


  • Hygienic
  • Moisture proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Anti-allergic
  • Non-static
  • Easy to combine with underfloor heating
  • Cast floors generally do not become more beautiful as time goes by.
  • Risk of scratches
  • A cast floor cannot be sanded down again or receive a new coat of varnish
  • Any repairs will be visible

Cast floors in all colours and patterns

And what’s more: cast floors are gorgeous! Plastic screeds are available in all the colours of the rainbow. Our UrbanConcrete is available in only a few natural shades.

Concrete look – UrbanConcrete

Cast floors can also be designed to look like concrete and are made of a special type of cement, with a strong compound. Its unique composition gives the floor a stunning and unique look, adding natural shine and tasteful appeal to your interior. Floors with a concrete look are available in 4 to 6 different colours.

Epoxy cast floor

Epoxy is harder than a polyurethane floor and has a high-gloss coat. It is also possible to add a non-slip layer. An epoxy cast floor can handle even the heaviest loads and is most often used in commercial spaces. These are often installed on behalf of companies or for specific projects.

PU cast floor

The stylish and timeless look of a PU cast floor is a good fit for both a modern and sleek interior and a rustic or classic décor. A PU cast floor is a stunning eye-catcher for your home or business. These floors are available in any colour, allowing you to choose the look and feel that is the right fit for your requirements.

In addition to its stylish look, PU cast floors have many other advantages. The floor is seamless, easily maintained and can be combined with underfloor heating. PU cast floors are also durable. The floors rarely tear, are colourfast and wear-resistant.

These PU floors are supplied by our partner Altach from Dirkshorn.

Cast mineral floor

A cast mineral floor is made from natural materials. This cast floor is also seamless and has its own unique appeal, just like every other natural product! The natural element creates a stunning combination of a sleek yet lively look.

Concrete cast floor

Create a sleek floor with the sturdy and natural look that concrete has to offer. A special type of residential concrete has been developed especially for floors, with its own unique wear-resistant and durable composition. This floor is also easy too clean, very trendy and suitable for every interior thanks to the many available colour applications.

The concrete floor can be used on almost every substrate and is frequently used in offices and shops. Concrete floors are floor applications that draw attention and give your interior an instant makeover.

Discuss cast floors in our showroom

More information? Visit one of our showrooms in Schagen or Amsterdam and discover what an UrbanConcrete cast floor has to offer. 

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